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Navigating through a blend of academic pursuits and artistic training, Olivia found herself enrolled in esteemed institutions such as The Antaeus Classical Theater Academy, The Bilingual Foundation of the Arts, The Ivana Chubbuck Studio, and the Screen Actors Guild Conservatory. These formative years were a mosaic of challenges and small triumphs. Juggling college and auditions alongside rigorous training, Olivia emerged as a versatile artist with a penchant for exploration.

Equally adept in front of the camera, a microphone or the stage, Olivia's versatility allows her to embrace projects spanning various genres. Notable among her credits is her involvement in the audiobook ‘Devolver al Remitente’ by Julia Alvarez, and the interactive episodic series "Fire Escape," which captivated audiences at the Tribeca 2018 Virtual Arcade with its innovative storytelling approach.

Despite her early knack for painting, Olivia charted a different course after graduating from high school in Mexico. Drawn to the vibrant energy of LA, she set her sights on the world of acting, making her mark as both a commercial actress and a bilingual stage


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